The Necessity of Secure Home Workplaces

The corona crisis has meant that many companies have had their employees work from home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

But another virus has spread instead. Namely, malicious infection of the digital home workplaces, and many companies do not have the necessary security measures in place.

The Government's Center for Cyber Security has prepared a threat assessment, in which they conclude that “The cyber threat against authorities and companies in Denmark is very high".

“As the networks of many authorities and companies are under pressure from the changed pattern of use in the form of many new home workplaces, and the availability of the systems is a high priority, there will be situations where usual safety measures are not implemented routinely. It can e.g. be it about system and software updates or opting out of VPN connection or multi-factor authentication. Coupled with a focus from hackers on exploiting the health crisis to carry out cyber attacks, the risk of successful hacker attacks in those situations will therefore be increased.”
— Center for Cybersecurity

There are various ways to secure your employees' home workplace from malicious attacks. Itavis recommends a VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – as a home workstation, where the desktop is in the cloud and thus always fully updated. A VDI can also be accessed 24/7, from all kinds of devices, wherever in the world your employees may be. Logging in outside approved networks is of course supplemented by multi-factor authentication on access.

You can see the Center for Cyber Security's threat assessment here:

ITAVIS' Digital Workplace

Our VDI concept Itavis24™ accommodates the digital workplace and makes everyday life easier for your employees – and then it significantly strengthens security. Itavis24™ gives your employees direct access to all your work applications and data exactly as it was from a normal Windows computer. The only difference is that the desktop is located in the cloud in Itavis' data center. This means that the desktop and digital workplace is always fully updated, backed up and accessible anywhere from in the world the employee can access the internet. A broken or lost computer thus means neither compromise of personal data nor loss of data.