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Aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our approach equips you with thorough protection. It encompasses endpoints, servers, networks, and users, catering to both cloud-based and on-premises environments. Our security platform addresses all facets comprehensively.
Protect your infrastructure


Minimize your vulnerabilities and protect the business from all fronts

These initiatives are for those who are ready to go the extra mile. Here, competences are lifted within Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover in NIST, thus ensuring you fully. This gives you the opportunity to protect yourself all the way around your digital ecosystem.

Endpoint Detection & Response

The most advanced security solution for your endpoints

 Our EDR can automatically monitor and protect your endpoints in real time using AI and machine learning algorithms.
It will be able to pick up suspicious behavior and quickly detect if a device is affected by malware and ransomware. These devices will be immediately isolated and suspicious activities shut down, while you will receive an alert.  If a hacker should attempt to attack another device, you will be notified about this too.
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Managed SOC

Constant monitoring and immediate response to security incidents

Reduce time-to-react significantly by outsourcing the responsibility for monitoring, analyzing and responding to security incidents to our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).
Detect attacks in real time
Proactive threat hunting
24/7 Incident Response
Remediation of attacks
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Privileged Access Management

The strongest security solution in access control and privileged rights

With our PAM solution, you get unified control and an overview of all privileged accounts and access, thereby neutralizing one of the biggest cyber risks of all.
The principle of least privilege will be upheld by initially assigning the fewest rights to all users. Temporary rights will be granted as needed, with the appropriate authorization. Additionally, privileged access can be finely granulated, limiting the user's access to only the resources that are necessary for use.
Access can also be given to third parties with a manual approval flow, so they never see a password. At the same time, all privileged sessions are recorded and actions are logged, so you have full insight into what is being done.
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Backup & BCDR solution

Complete backup solutions and fast disaster recovery.

We deliver a full backup solution based on a 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy. This means that you have 3 copies of data on 2 different media, where 1 copy is placed off-site and 1 copy is placed offline. At the same time, validity checks are carried out on the copies, so that you are sure of 0 errors.
Upon encountering ransomware or a system crash, our BCDR solution ensures that your business quickly recovers . At the same time, all backups are scanned for ransomware before recovery. You will thus always be able to 'turn back time' to a snapshot taken before the attack happened.
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Cyber essentials

everything you can't avoid

A comprehensive package that meets the basic needs in cyber security and enhances competencies within Identify, Protect and Detect in NIST. All of which you cannot avoid if you take the cyber threat seriously.
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Pragmatic risk management

We recommend that a risk assessment is carried out on an ongoing basis so that the foundation for risk management processes is in place.
You will be assigned a permanent Service Delivery Manager who can help you manage risk and get planned and prioritized measures to reduce your cyber risks.

Endpoint Protection Platform (Antivirus)

Our EPP works as a next-generation antivirus that uses machine learning to protect your devices from cyber threats such as viruses, malware and ransomware.
Unlike traditional antivirus, which is based on known threats, you are better protected with AI against more advanced threats such as zero-day attacks.

Ransomware Detection

With ransomware detection, you get technology that can evade the devastating consequences of ransomware attacks.
Your devices will undergo continuous monitoring for any unusual activity, capable of identifying early signs of ransomware infections - If a device is compromised, it is promptly isolated to prevent the spread of ransomware and minimize potential damage to your data and systems.


With patch management, you automatically roll out security updates at the OS level and in 3rd party applications, so that your company's IT infrastructure is always protected against the latest threats.
Our scheduled service windows ensure that the updates are carried out at a time that fits into your company's routines, and our IT specialists closely monitor the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


As part of our awareness training, we offer online cyber hygiene courses to help your employees understand how to protect themselves and the business from cyber-attacks. The courses cover topics such as safe behavior on the Internet, strong passwords and how to recognize and avoid phishing attempts.
In addition, we also offer phishing campaigns where we simulate phishing attacks to test your employees' ability to recognize and reject them.
In this way, we can help raise awareness of cyber threats and strengthen your employees' ability to defend the company against attacks.  
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