Next Generation IT Services for more than 20 years
When the two brothers, Allan and Stig, founded Itavis in 2001, they quickly positioned Itavis to be among the pioneers in Danish hardware sales, which culminated in the delivery of Denmark's largest supercomputer.
But as the world and technology quickly developed, we sat down. Our focus began to shift, and we moved from hardware to providing advanced hosting solutions through cutting edge IaaS and PaaS concepts.
In 2017, we took a bold step with the launch of Itavis Control Cloud - a platform that integrates industry-leading operational and cybersecurity tools.
Today, with Itavis Control Cloud at the center, we deliver complete cyber security and IT operations through our managed services. Our promise is clear: With over two decades of experience in IT and a great passion for innovation, we are the trusted partner who will guide and protect your technological future.
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Complete security and IT operations with managed services

We strive to drive safe growth and change for our customers through managed services. Our managed services are based on the Itavis Control Cloud™ platform, on which our IT specialists work on according to standardized processes, so that you can achieve complete cyber security and IT operations. All without additional resources.
Step into...
A platform with carefully selected operational and security tools.
A standardized process for effective monitoring, preparedness and troubleshooting.​
An everyday life with certified specialists who respond to incidents in your infrastructure.​
Itavis Control Cloud™
Access and control
Remote support tools
advanced cybersecurity
What are the benefits?
Let go of navigating the landscape of operations and security solutions.​
No implementation and maintenance of solutions.
No training. We already have a standardized process for efficient use of the solutions.​
Managed services
specialists & processes
24/7 response and preparedness
standardized processes
troubleshooting by specialists